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Lester is ready for his forever home

Lester the funny hound is looking for a forever family!  Lester is a Foxhound mix and he's hilarious!  He's about 2-3 years old, he's had all his vaccinations, he's neutered and microchipped.  Lester is housebroken and is content playing or lounging around with you.  He loves everyone and other dogs.  He has too much interest in the kitties, so a cat free home would be best.

Maddie has been ADOPTED!

Congratulations sweet girl!  You have definitely landed with the best family.  You have a boxer brother, you get to go to work with your awesome parents each day and you are so LOVED!

I love this picture of Maddie (right) and her fur sibling Oscar.



When you foster, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home and give him or her love, care and attention, either for a predetermined period of time or until the dog is adopted.


The most common reasons rescues need foster homes is:

  • We don't have a physical shelter and we depend on foster homes to care for dogs until suitable homes are found.

  • A puppy is too young to be adopted and needs a safe place to stay until he or she is old enough to go to a forever home.

  • A dog is recovering from surgery, illness or injury and needs a safe place to recuperate.

  • The shelter is running out of room and the dogs life is at risk.


Why should I foster a dog?
Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course). By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you’re freeing up a spot in an already crowded shelter; you're giving your foster dog the time he needs to be ready for adoption.  You also help us learn more about the dog so he can end up in the best home possible by socializing the dog to a home environment and possibly getting him used to being around other pets and different types of people.


How do I sign up to foster a dog?
You fill out a foster application and, if you are approved, we will work with you to figure out the right foster dog for your household.

Here's an article from the July 13th edition of the Lexington News Gazette featuring our very own Lily, Rockbridge Animal Alliance and Cats Unlimited!

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Come by and meet Maddie and Lester at Herman's Produce in Lexington with Cats Unlimited and Rockbridge Animal Alliance. 



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Support Gidget's Promise simply by walking your dog!  Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and your favorite shelter or rescue.  Every Walk for a Dog counts, whether it's a walk around the block or a three-mile hike.